Yes, this was where Stephen Briggs ran his back-room Dibbler 'empire'. Unfortunately, real life intervened and he had to let go of all his old merchandising. This was more than ten years ago. He's currently letting the Studio Theatre Club use it to respond to a request from Terry's fans.


People have asked if they can buy one of the 56mm diameter badges, as will be worn by the cast and crew. The Studio Theatre Club is not really geared up to do sales and this will have to be U.K. onlybut, if you are interested, please send a £2 coin - and a stamped, self-addressed envelope (see below) - to us at:

STC Badges, PO Box 1486, Oxford, OX4 9DQ

We'll send one back by return of mail.

NOTE - We've been advised that a small jiffy bag and a large letter stamp for a maximum of two badges is more likely to withstand the journey by mail.. 

Yes - U.K. only. No - payments have to be in coins as set out above - no PayPal, no bank transfers, no foreign currency.

If you want information about the November production of Murder in Ankh-Morpork, click on the image below: