Looking for CMOT Dibbler..?

Yes, this was where Stephen Briggs ran his back-room Dibbler 'empire'. Unfortunately, real life intervened and he had to let go of all his old merchandising. This was more than five years ago - have a look here or here to see what he is now up to.

Be More Terry

Without meaning to, and for a brief period, CMOT DIbbler made a return appearance. How did it all start?

Well, Rob and I had had two badges made, to remind us that, now that Terry has gone, we needed to be more like him in the things we do on Discworld … to do things the way he’d approve.

And then the Sydney Convention happened shortly after Terry’s passing, so we took a bag of the badges for the conventioneers.

Then I wore the badge at the Oxford Story Museum … and a LOT of people showed an interest…

So I had a few run off to meet the interest -- and then 500 badges later....

As you see below, those badges are now no longer available. But who knows, if Rob and I think of any other wheezes....? Well, if we do, I'll post it here :-)


I've been selling these for a few months now, and I've sent out about 500, but orders have now slowed to a treacly trickle, so I decided to quite while we were 'ahead', and the badges went out of production on Wednesday 26 August.